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English Russian translator based in Ukraine offers English Russian translation, English Ukrainian translation, Russian English translation and Ukrainian English translation. I translate correspondence from English to Russian for 2 cents per word. I also translate Russian to English at the same unbeatable price. This Russian translation service is mostly for men seeking a wife in Russia or Ukraine. Russian English translator makes English to Russian translation and English to Ukrainian translation within 24 hours. English Russian translator provides fast Russian translation service and information about this Cyrillic language: popular Russian words and phrases, Russian fonts and more... Russian language translator living in Ukraine also gives detailed Ukraine info.

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English Russian translator offers Russian translator offers English Russian translation

  • English Russian translation,
  • English Ukrainian translation,
  • Russian English translation and
  • Ukrainian English translation.

This Russian translation service is ideal for men who are looking for a Russian wife in Ukraine or Russia, especially those who already found a girlfriend in FSU and want to stay in touch with her. Russian translator is an alternative, cheaper means of communication with your Russian lady.
I also translate all types of documents: adverts, technical texts, websites, poetry, articles, manuals, books, etc. Email your text to Email me and receive a fast no obligation quote!

Russian translation service

  • English Russian translation and English Ukrainian translation of correspondence at unbeatable price $0.02 per word!*
  • Russian English translation and Ukrainian English translation at the same price $0.02 per word!*
  • Russian translation and Ukrainian translation normally done within 24 hours or less. I use time difference to your advantage. You send your text for translation in the evening and have the translation in your inbox before you drink your morning cup of coffee!
  • Letter forwarding within Ukraine. Your letter will be translated from English to Russian or Ukrainian, printed along with photos (if any), sealed into an envelope and sent to any address in Ukraine. I will enclose a stamped envelope with my address for your correspondent to reply. Upon receipt of the reply I will translate the letter from Russian or Ukrainian to English and email the translation to you.

    * minimun charge $6 per letter

I am a Russian translator who offers Western quality of translations at Ukrainian prices! Russian translation has never been so affordable!

Russian translator VS Russian translation agency

There are several reasons to choose a Russian translator instead of a Russian translation agency. To name a few:

  1. Russian translator will offer you a better price as he has lower overhead expenses - he does not need to pay office rent, salaries to accountants, managers or secretaries (i.e. costs incurred by a translation agency). You pay only for translation and nothing more! The money goes directly to the translator and you end up paying less but the translator gets more. So a freelance Russian translator can offer you very low prices!
  2. One translator handles all your translations. It means consistently high quality of translations as this person knows the context, uses the same vocabulary and style in all Russian translations.

Russian translator VS Marriage Agency

  1. Russian translations at lower prices. Some agencies charge up to $15 per translated page while using this service you can have a 300-word letter translated for $6.00 and forwarded by registered mail for additional $5.00.
  2. Russian marriage agencies sometimes happen not to be very honest. This means some of them occasionally can write letters instead of ladies. If you find a lady at a website you are very interested in you can write a letter through the agency for a start. When you exchanged a couple of letters it will be a good idea to find alternative means of communication and make sure you really correspond with the lady in the picture. Keep away from a marriage agency that does not give you a lady's address or prevents her from doing that. Please read more detailed advice on choosing a reliable marriage agency.

Russian Translator VS Free Online Translators

  1. Free Russian online translators are easy to use, it takes several seconds to translate from English to Russian but quality is rather poor. Write a letter, have it translated by an online Russian translator and then convert it back to Russian. If the result seems to be a readable text you can send it. It is not readable in most cases because the structure of English and Russian sentences is completely different and literal translation make a great English letter hardly understandable.
  2. Russian language translation of far superior quality is guaranteed when you opt for a native Russian translator.

So what can a Russian translator offer to you?

  • Low price for English to Russian translation and English to Ukrainian translation.
    I will translate from Russian or Ukrainian to English at the same low price. This is probably the lowest price for human Russian translation you can find.
  • High quality of translations.
    I studied English at the University for five years and deal with it virtually every day of my life. I do translations for a number of local companies and I am an active off-staff translator of local Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Speed of translation. Due to time difference with US (Ukrainian time zone is 7 hours ahead from East Coast Time) translation can be done very quickly. You can write an email late in the night and have it translated when you wake up!
  • Personalized Service.
    If you have any specific requirements I will do my best to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • Flexibility
    Russian translator is available by e-mail 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. These hours can be extended if you make prior arrangements.
  • Privacy.
    Information from your documents or correspondence, including your personal details and contact information, will not be passed over to a third party or used by me.

Why translate to Russian?

English is the most widely spoken language in the world. For lots of people this is a second language but they speak it as if it is native for them. But not in former Soviet Union. For decades it was just a subject at school and university, like higher mathematics, equally useless and theoretical. One could not go abroad, listen to radio or read a paper in English (apart from "Moscow News"). Within the last ten years the situation has changed: Russia and Ukraine are no longer behind the iron curtain: the Internet, cable channels in English are available to almost anyone. People started to realize how important English is for their careers and personal development. But the approach to teaching English is often the same - students continue to learn things without ever using them in speech and forget after the exam.
When you write to a Slavic lady you have to use only simple language without idioms. But even in this case she will normally spend 2-3 hours translating your letter with a dictionary. If she is not an English teacher she will have difficulties with some words and just skip them. If she feels too tired after work there is a chance that your letter will not be read at all.
But what happens if you write her in her native language? Instead of time consuming and difficult exercise, your letter becomes an enjoyable reading. It is so important to translate your letters to Russian because

  • your letter will stand out of the crowd - few men take the trouble to translate their letters to Russian
  • it will show her that you really care
  • the lady will understand you 100%
  • Russian translation is completely free for her

Go to Russian translation service page to learn how I can help you in communication with Russian and Ukrainian women.

Contact English Russian translator now!

Name: Igor Shevkoplyas
Phone: +380667796754
Email: Russian translator's e-mail address or Order Russian translation
ICQ#: 261-015-714


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Summary of this page: English Russian translator offers English Russian translation, English Ukrainian translation, Russian English translation and Ukrainian English translation. I translate English to Russian for $0.02 per word. I also translate Russian to English at the same price. Not free Russian translation but very close. Russian translation service is mostly for men seeking a wife in Russia or Ukraine. Russian English translater makes English to Russian translation and English to Ukranian translation within 24 hours (mostly 12 hours). English Russian translator provides fast Russian language translation. Russian language translater from Chernigov Ukraine. More Info

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